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We are happy to use our expertise to successfully deliver your message.

Advice and strategy

Something new, something different, or choosing the right direction? We help you with it. Whether it concerns a communication plan, an image improvement, or setting up a marketing campaign. We think along with you and provide you with the best choices. Of course, we are also excited to help you with the implementation

Crisis communication

As expected, nothing will be as expected. And that’s fine. Good preparation for unexpected situations is always wise. We are happy to act as a spokesperson in crises and calamities, but we also help you draw up unambiguous internal protocols.

Events and shows

Nothing is more fun than having direct contact with the target group. We like to turn it into a party. Whether we take on the organization from A to Z, or whether we are present as a representation for your company. We ensure that the message is delivered in the right way.

(Influencer) Marketing

The jumble of online and offline media and influencers and the countless ways to get rid of your money can make it difficult to decide which investment will give you to most value for your money. With our years of experience, we can advise you well about what works and what doesn’t work. For every budget.

Online communication

Online communication, quite a vague concept. But oh so important considering everyone spends a very large part of the day behind a screen. And that’s where online communication takes place. Whether on social media, on your company’s website, in an online community, or during webinars or e-learning, we speak the language.


That’s a special profession we know all about. A good visual appearance of your brand identity contributes to the professional appearance of your company. Whether it concerns websites, logos, brochures, or multimedia productions, we are happy to surprise you with our ideas.

Public relations

Every organizations dream: a sustainable and good relationship with all important stakeholders. But how does that work? By using our extensive and strong media network, we know how to build and maintain the right relationships with target groups that are important to you.

Social media

With a good approach on social media, you increase your online visibility and you can easily build a relationship with your target group. We are happy to advise you on the best strategy to use. And then we can of course also immediately create inspiring content for you. In order to be able to deliver the message to the entire target group, we also set up a strong social advertising campaign.

Travel PR and marketing

The best example of ‘turning your hobby into a career’. At BuroSix we love to travel. For ourselves, but certainly also for our clients. Over the years we have put many destinations on the Dutch and Belgian map. Whether it concerns consumers or trade, we provide a top-of-mind experience of your destination with the right target group.

Let’s work together

Together we will make this a great success!

We are the best in our profession

Working with us is more than just fun

We all have our own specialties within BuroSix. This means that we are multi-deployable and that we can deliver top quality in all areas! Curious about which projects we have worked on before?






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