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Spokesperson and crisis communication

The challenge

The family concern Van der Valk Hotels and Restaurants can no longer be ignored in the Netherlands and beyond. With more than 100 hotels, Van der Valk is approached by the media on a regular base. Tall trees catch a lot of wind, and that certainly applies to Van der Valk. But how do you deal with this as a family business? It is our honorable task to align all communication to the media.

The solution

With more than 100 hotels and at least as many family members and opinions, it is important to send an unambiguous and strong signal to the outside world and in particular to the media.

Our role as spokesperson is therefore to communicate a clear story to the media. Whether it concerns a specific hotel or the company wide, we are the link between the family and the media. In this way we contribute to the correct reporting and the professionalism of the family business.

Message delivered successfully

  • On a regular base, we speak to the media in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and provide them with answers to their questions. Whether or not resulting in articles about Van der Valk on a particular subject.
  • In the almost 20 years that we have been active for Van der Valk, we have delivered many press releases to relevant media.
  • In the spring of 2020, with the introduction of the corona measures for the hotel and catering industry and hotels, we spoke to all Dutch media, whether it concerns the written media, radio or television, online media.
  • In recent years we have been able to conduct various interviews with a variety of subjects, but always with the Van der Valk concern as the main topic.

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