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The challenge

The Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht is the largest travel event in the Netherlands that takes place annually in the second or third week of January. Visitors can be inspired by destinations all over the world. It is one of the most fun and interactive trade fairs in the field of travel and over the years we have been able to represent many destinations at this fair.

The solution

In order to introduce Dutch consumers to well-known and unknown destinations, including the state of Oregon on the northwest coast of the US, we had a booth at the Vakantiebeurs in the America Pavilion for many years. We provide advice on the most beautiful places, the best travel times, hotels, routes, and events.

Message delivered successfully

  • Where the first day is all about visitors who are active in the travel industry, the remaining four days are for the travel-loving consumer. 
  • In the years 2017 – 2020, we have seen a massive increase in the number of people visiting the fair specifically to learn more about Oregon. The 17th season of Wie is de Mol? set in Portland and the state of Oregon played a big part in this success.
  • Visitors spend an average of four hours at the Vakantiebeurs.
  • The Dutch traveler goes on holiday on average 2.8 times a year and spends € 3,390 per person per year on holidays.
  • Inspiration and discovering new destinations is the reason for visiting the Vakantiebeurs.
  • Spain and Germany are the most popular countries in Europe, Asia and North America the most popular outside Europe.

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