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Seattle CVB


Seattle CVB




Events and representation

The challenge

Seattle has not been active on the Dutch market for a while. This has a negative impact on the relationship between Seattle and Dutch tour operators and media.

The solution

In order to introduce the Dutch tour operators and media to Seattle, we chose to organize an event where we brought a piece of Seattle to the Netherlands. There was a short presentation about Seattle, there was the opportunity to make contact with the contacts who had traveled from Seattle and there were several makers from Seattle who provided the food and drinks.

 Message delivered successfully

  • The event resulted in a successful press trip including Harper’s Bazaar.
  • The event was attended by large and small tour operators from different Dutch regions.
  • Some of the tour operators have added a (multi-day) trip to Seattle to their travel offer.
  • Ten product makers from Amsterdam were brought into contact with the product makers from Seattle during this event to learn from and inspire each other.

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