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Jonge Valken


Van der Valk Hotels en Restaurants




Spokesperson and communication

The challenge 

The family business Van der Valk Hotels and Restaurants can no longer be ignored in the Netherlands. The hotels stand for luxury, quality, and good service. Although everyone knows that Van der Valk is a family concern, little is known about the Valken. Time to change that!

The solution

To give a glimpse behind the scenes, a six-part television series has been developed with the name ‘Jonge Valken’. In the series, the fourth generation of Van der Valk is followed in the daily management of the hotel concern. The series was broadcast on Omroep MAX in 2017.

Message delivered successfully

  • The six-part series has generated very positive sentiment on social media.
  • “Will there be a second season?” (twitter.com)
  • The first episode was watched by 805.000 viewers.
  • “I love this family. How hard they work and how passionate they are about their work ”(twitter.com)
  • “A fascinating glimpse into a fascinating family.”(ad.nl)

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