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Advice and strategy

The challenge

Compassion is a Christian sponsor organization aimed at freeing individual children from (extreme) poverty, in Jesus’ name. Compassion stimulates its sponsors to actively sponsor. She does this by means of four pillars; praying, giving extra (money), staying in contact with the sponsored child by writing a letter, or visiting the sponsored child during an organized or individual trip. Visiting a sponsor child is the smallest pillar of Compassion, but also the most intensive. Compassion has the wish to increase their awareness and to attract more participants to the trips, with the specific starting point of the trip to Ecuador in the autumn of 2019. We were asked to give advice on the best way to achieve this.

The research question: “How can Compassion increase its reputation with the aim of obtaining more participants for the future trip to Ecuador in 2019?”

The solution

By means of an extensive target group analysis, into the current and the potential target group, and research into influencing factors for whether or not to participate in a sponsored trip, advice has been drawn up to Compassion. The advice is aimed at more active involvement of the current sponsors, reaching the potential target group, and increasing the number of sponsors.

Message delivered successfully

  • The advice contained concrete tools for Compassion to get started right away.
  • Compassion immediately included a number of recommendations in a sponsor satisfaction survey.
  • The report offers tools for Compassion to adjust the upcoming campaign (aimed at awareness) in accordance with the communication objectives described in the report.
  • The report contains recommendations for PR, for which we have written a follow-up report with practical tips, tools, and examples of PR collaborations.

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