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Public Relations

The challenge

CS / Webworks was founded in 2002 by Roeland Krom. Over the past four years, work has been done on a generic data platform, as a result of which the choice was made to operate under the new name Cohelion.

The solution

To introduce the platform and the new name to the target group, the choice was made to send out a press release to relevant recipients. By means of publications in response to the press release, brand awareness has been created for Cohelion and its new platform.

Message delivered successfully

  • The Cohelion Data Platform makes data accessible and valuable.
  • The press release was delivered to relevant recipients within the target group.
  • The platform integrates it seamlessly with visualization and analytical tools such as PowerBI, creating immediate value.
  • 20% of the recipients published an article in response to the press release.

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