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Blaaskankercentrum Rotterdam


Blaaskankercentrum Rotterdam




Communication and PR

The challenge

The Bladder Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary initiative of the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute that has been active since June 2012. Multidisciplinary means that different specialists from different regional hospitals are involved in individual treatment. By joining forces in this way, it is possible for the Bladder Cancer Center to work quickly and efficiently. This means that the patient does not have to wait longer than necessary. We have the honor to support the Bladder Cancer Center Rotterdam from the very first moment with all external communication and PR.

The solution

To bring the Bladder Cancer Center Rotterdam to the attention of patients and referrers, a detailed communication plan has been drawn up for the years 2012 – 2014. By means of various meetings, information evenings, press releases, and media publications, brand awareness has been created for the Rotterdam Bladder Cancer Center. In addition, as a communication advisor, we are involved in various projects that are carried out from the Bladder Cancer Center Rotterdam.

Message delivered successfully

  • Over the years we have successfully delivered various press releases to relevant media.
  • Several publications in online and print media about the Bladder Cancer Center Rotterdam have been realized.
  • We have contributed to successful social media posts.
  • We contributed to clear, structured texts for the website in which the tone of voice is adapted to the patient’s information needs.

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